Booking Policy & Conditions


Failure to adhere to the policies and conditions listed here may cost you your membership privileges.

Booking Policy

-All times that are not reserved on the calender are available for booking.

-You must make booking requests at least 24 hours prior to the time you wish to reserve.

-You will be held to your booked time so include any setup/cleanup time you expect. You are not entitled to any time outside of the time you actually reserved.

-Additional time past your actual reserved time is allowed as long as nobody else is waiting for the arena, including public riders. This time will simply be added to your booked time.

-Reservations must be paid for regardless of whether you actually used that reservation. (see cancellation policy)

-In order to request booking, you must first be current on previous booking payments.

Payment Policy

-Payment can be deposited in the red box located in the hitching area. *Include your name on the envelope*

-If we recieve a NSF cheque from you, we will charge you $50.00 on top of what is still owed. If we recieve another NSF cheque we will again charge $50.00 and require payment in cash.

-Member who have outstanding fees may be required to balance their account before booking again.

Cancellation Policy

-Any weekend bookings require a 50% deposit 30 days prior to the first date booked. This deposit is non-refundable upon cancellation unless the board decides otherwise.

(Weekends include Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.)

-Cancellations made within 24 hours of the reserved time are non refundable.

-Cancellations made in special circumstances may be referred to the board and may be refunded at their discretion.

-Cancellations due to weather (cattle events -20c, all others active weather advisory) are refunded in full.



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